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STENS 615-774 Gasket and Diaphragm Kit / Zama GND-88

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Gasket and Diaphragm Kit / Zama GND-88
Pack Size:1
Zama GND-88
Oregon 49-323
Zama C1M-S141, C1M-S141A, C1M-S141B, C1M-S141C, C1M-S141D, C1M-S142, C1M-S142A, C1M-S142B, C1M-S142C, C1M-S142D, C1M-S144, C1M-S144A, C1M-S144B, C1M-S145, C1M-S145A, C1M-S145B, C1M-S146, C1M-S146A, C1M-S146B, C1M-S151, C1M-S151A, C1M-S151B, C1M-S144D, C1M-S145C, C1M-S146C, C1M-S151D, C1M-S141G and C1M-S142G
Ethanol: Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel