Don't forget to Winterize your Lawn Mower and other Equipment

Posted November 10 2015

Tips on how to winterize and extend the life of your equipment:

1)  Either empty the fuel tank completely or add the correct amount of fuel stabilizer to the fuel and run the equipment long enough to get into the carburetor.  If you have a fuel shut-off, run the fuel out of the carburetor.

2)  Remove the battery and store indoors in a dry, temperature controlled area.

3)  Add pump saver to your pressure washers to keep from freezing and cracking your pump.

4)  Cover your lawn mower with a tarp if you do not have a place indoors to store.

5) It is better to place something between the tires and ground (concrete, wood, old shingle) to help preserve the life of the tire.

6)  Pull the equipment out a few times during the winter and run it for a bit. (always check the oil level to make sure it has the proper amount)

7)  Place some type of rodent bait or trap close to the equipment to help prevent wires being eaten or nests built.

8)  Remove all cuttings and debris from mower deck, pulley's, engine, etc before storing.

*These tips are simply recommended and will not guarantee the equipment to run perfectly forever.