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STENS 615-215. OEM Gasket And Diaphragm Kit / Zama GND-41

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OEM Gasket And Diaphragm Kit / Zama GND-41Pack Size:1Zama GND-41NHC 203-5511Echo HC1600, HC1500, HC1600, HC200, HC2400, HC2410, HCR1500, SRM2100, GT2000, GT2100, GT2000SB,PAS, SHR2100, SRM2100, SRM2015, SRM2305, SRM2455, AT203G, WP1000, ES211, PB201, PB2100 and ES2100; Efco 8300, 8350 and 8400; Zama Carburetors: C1Q-E7,A; C1Q-E10; C1U-K47; C1U-K51; C1U-K52; C1U-K53,A-B; C1U-K55; C1U-K58;C1U-K59; C1U-K62; C1U-K68 and C1U-SK17 Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel