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STENS 610-079. Vent Assembly / Echo A356000031

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Vent Assembly / Echo A356000031Pack Size:1Echo 13130040630, Echo A356000030, Echo 356000030, Echo A356000031, Echo 1312514930, Makita 168396-6J. Thomas A356000030, J. Thomas 131300-56430, J. Thomas EC-214, J. Thomas PE-393, Landscaper Express 56430, Mow More MP9607, NHC 203-9326, Oregon 55-157, Prime Line 7-07063, Rotary 9607Echo All Echo equipment including GT and SRM trimmers, Pro Attachment Series, Power Edgers, BedRefiners, Power Blowers, HC, SHC, HCR and HCA Hedge Trimmers, PPF, PPFD, PPSR, PPT and SRS Power Pruners, Chainsaws, Cut-Off Saws, Engine Drills, Earth and Ice Augers, Tillers, Pumps and Sprayers; Makita EK7651H cut off sawsLength: 1 ", OD: 3/8 ", Fits 3/16" fuel line, Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel