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STENS 520-862. Carburetor / MTD 951-10974A, 951-10974

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Carburetor / MTD 951-10974A


Cub Cadet 951-10974A,
MTD 951-10974A

Fits the following models:

  • Cub Cadet 165-SUB, 265-SU, and 365-SUB
  • MTD 31A-32AD700, 31A-32AD706, 31A-32AD729, 31A-32AD752, 31A-32AD762, 31A-62EE729, 31AH62EE000, 31AM2N1B301, 31AM2N1B304, 31AM2N1B307, 31AM2N1B371, 31AM2N1B372, 31AM2N1B382, 31AM2N1B401, 31AM2N1B513, 31AM2N1B700, 31AM2N1B704, 31AM2N1B706, 31AM2N1B709, 31AM2N1B713, 31AM2N1B720, 31AM2N1B729, 31AM2N1B730, 31AM2P5B704, 31AM62EE700, 31AM62EE706, 31AM62EE731, 31AM62EE752, 31AM62EE799, 31AM62KE704, 31BM62EE799 and 31BM62KE704;
  • Troy Bilt 31AM62N2711 (600 series) and 31AM2N1B795 (2008)

Ethanol: Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel, Made by an OEM supplier, Does NOT include gasket