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125-207 STENS Fuel Cap / Stihl 4128 350 0505, 4128 350 0504

$ 11.44 was $ 14.00

Fuel Cap / Stihl 4128 350 0505

Stihl 4128 350 0505, Stihl 4128 350 0504J. Thomas T-790,

NHC 264-6651

Stihl most FS48-FS88, FS250 and FC72-FC85

OD: 1 9/16 ", Ethanol: Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel 125-207 Stens

Replaces (OEM):
Stihl: 4128 350 0504, 4128 350 0505

Fits Models:
Stihl: most FS48-FS88, FS250 and FC72 to FC85
Stihl: FS56, FS66, FS72, FS74, FS76, FS81, FS85R, FS86, FS88, FS250 , FC72, FC75 and FC85 / BG 72, BG75, BR106, BT106, BT120 C, BT121, BT121-Z, FC55, FC55-DZ, FC55-Z, FC72, FC75, FC85, FH75, FR106, FR108, FR350, FR450, FR480, FR480 C-F, FR85, FR85 T, FS106, FS108, FS120, FS120 R, FS200, FS200 R, FS250, FS250 R, FS300, FS350, FS38, FS38 2-MIX, FS 38-Z, FS 400, FS 400-K, FS 400-L, FS45, FS45 C-E, FS45 C-E DZ, FS45 C-EZ, FS45 L, FS 45-DZ, FS45-Z, FS450, FS450-K, FS450-KZ, FS450-L, FS450-Z, FS46 C-E DZ, FS46 C-E Z, FS 46-DZ, FS46-Z, FS48, FS480, FS480-K, FS480-KW, FS480-KWZ, FS480-KZ, FS480-L, FS 480-W, FS480-Z, FS52, FS55, FS55C-E, FS55 C-E DZ, FS55 C-E Z, FS55R, FS55R-DZ, FS55R-Z, FS55RC-E, FS55RC-E DZ, FS55RC-E Z, FS55T, FS55-DZ, FS 55-Z, FS56, FS62, FS62 R, FS66, FS66R, FS72, FS74, FS75, FS76, FS80, FS 80R, FS81, FS85, FS85 R, FS85 RX, FS85T, FS86, FS88, FT250, HL45, HL45-DZ, HL45-Z, HL75, HL75 K, HT250, HT70, HT75, KA85 R, KM55, KM55 C-E, KM55 R, KM55 R-DZ, KM55 R-Z, KM 55 RC-E, KM 55 RC-E DZ, KM 55 RC-E Z, KM85, KM85 R, KM85 R-Z, KM 85-Z, KR85, KW85, MM55, MM 55 C-E Z, MM55-Z, SP200, SP200-Z, SP400, SP 450, SP451, SP481, SP80, SP80K, SP81, SP85, SP85K
I.D. about 1-3/8"
OD: 1-9/16"